H a l l e n b a u


Doors and gateways

Doors and gateways form a stylish combination of architecture and condition of use and workplace regulations.

windows/ rows of windows

Windows or rows of windows will be placed in order to the workplace regulations. They are offered in different colours made of plastics or aluminium.

bubble light/ continous rooflight

Bubble light or continous rooflight is spreat through the hall evenly. The integrated ventilation system provides fire resistance and fresh air.

facades/ outbuildings

Using the most modern CAD-plans, each facade and outbuilding will be custom-made. The production is conforming to standards and professional. Facades or outbuildings are usually made of steel, aluminium, stainless steel or glass. The installation will be made by skilled fitters from Stahlbau Stieblich Güstrow, Mecklenburg.