H a l l e n b a u

  about us  

We are specialists for your construction with steel and glass.

Founded in 1990 in Mecklenburg- West Pomerania, the future orientated management stands out as a family business. In the third generation of changing business condition and style, the strict quality standards remain the same by large engagements of the employees. In the modern office in Güstrow, building plans for good-looking, technically concievable and business optimal projects will be projected, produced and finally turnkey ready delivered.

Engineering and constructing firm
V-0576-95 VDI

Certificate of manufacturer for welding steel according to
DIN 18800-7:2002-09 (class E)

Steel/glass facades
Fire resistant doors

official appointed and sworn appraiser of the Chamber of Small Industries and Skilled Trades (Schwerin, MV) for steel and metall construction