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Building of the Month

Inspiration in the area of move-in-ready construction

As Stieblich Hallenbau GmbH has an extensive and greatly varied portfolio, we want to introduce you to a carefully selected palette of some of our products. The complete constructions here represent our own original concepts, careful planning, and skilled execution.

Whatever your individual needs, we are here to realise them in close partnership with you. We provide you with our own engineers, construction professionals, and experienced fitters who accompany you through the planning phase, production, construction, to the completion of the project. We produce professionally constructed ready for occupancy structures made of steel and glass that are carefully designed, technically crafted and visually sophisticated, which conforms with the strictest quality norms and at the same time offer economic advantages. We work on a variety of buildings types: hangars, aircraft hangars, horse stables and show arenas, chicken coops, wind power installations, or office buildings –Stieblich Hallenbau can offer you key-ready construction first hand.

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